Speaking Engagements

Dr. Dolins is an experienced speaker with a wealth of knowledge in many nutrition related topics. She has addressed a variety of audiences, including athletes, doctors, consumers, schools, community groups and students. The below list showcases Dr. Dolins’ many speaking engagements. Contact Dr. Dolins for any inquiries regarding speaking.

Speaking Engagements

2014 NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp: Nutrition for the Elite Basketball Player
2012 Rye Neck High School – Nutrition for the High School Athlete
2012 Drexel University Sports Nutrition Conference – Lose Fat Gain Muscle: Weight Management for athletes
2012 Pennsylvania Dietetic Association – Sports Nutrition for Walkers to Ultra-Marathoners
2012 Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America – Team Challenge
2012 Pace University – Sports Nutrition Workshop
2011 Manhattan College Men’s Basketball -Gaining the Edge
2011 Manhattan College Women’s Basketball – Gaining the Edge
2011 Columbia University Work/Life – Are Grapes Fattening?
2010 University of Rochester Genesis Lecture “Nutrition for Sports Performance”
2008 PuckAgency – Fueling and Hydration for Competitive Ice Hockey
2008 Velocity Performance – Sports Nutrition Myths and Facts
2008 MasterCard Women’s Health Summit – Myths and Realities of Weight Management
2008 New York State Dietetic Association Annual Meeting – Sports Nutrition Myths and Facts
2007 Sports and Cardiovascular Nutritionists Annual Symposium – Fueling the Junior Tennis Athlete: An Integrated Perspective
2007 New York State Safety Conference – “Hydration and Avoiding Heat-Related Illness”
2007 Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle for All Ages – Be Fit Westchester Anti-Obesity Campaign
2006 Westchester-Rockland Dietetic Association – “Fueling the Teen Athlete”
2005 USTA Coaches Conference – Nutrition Case Studies
2005 Columbia University Institute of Human Nutrition – Obesity Workshop “The
RD and the MD, Integrating Exercise for Weight Loss”
2004 Columbia University Institute of Human Nutrition – “Fluids and Alcohol”
2004 Westchester-Rockland Dietetic Association – “Update on Sports Nutrition”
2004 BOCES Coaches Workshop: Sports Nutrition for the High School Student
2003 Cornell Cooperative Extension Annual Food and Fitness Conference “Separating Fact from Fiction in Sports Nutrition”
2003 Byram Hill Schools “Sports Nutrition for the High School Athlete”
2002 Sports & Cardiovascular Nutritionists Conference “Sports Nutrition Sustenance for Endurance Athletes” and “The Female Athlete Triad”
2002 US Squash Racquets Association Coaches Clinic at Brown University
2002 WNBA Rookie Orientation
2002 Virginia High School Coaches Association “Power & Performance: Winning in the Heat of Competition”2002 Cornell Cooperative Extension Annual Nutrition Concerns Conference “Sports Nutrition: What Works and What Doesn’t for Optimal Performance”
2001 American Medical Athletic Association’s Sports Medicine Symposium “Race Day Nutrition”
2001 New Jersey Dietetic Association Annual Meeting “Sports Nutrition in the Trenches”
2001 Kentucky Strength and Conditioning Association
2000 Lake Placid Triathlon “Fluids and Hydration for Ultraendurance Sport”
1999 American Medical Athletic Association’s Sports Medicine Symposium “Sports Nutrition for the
Female Athlete”
1998 New Jersey Public Health Association “Combating Nutrition and Exercise Myths”
1997 New York Marathon Expo “Fluids and Hydration”
1995 St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Conference on Sports Nutrition “Vitamin and Mineral
Use in Athletes”
1994 Westchester Rockland Dietetic Association “Leadership, Mentoring, and Networking”
1994 Sports and Cardiovascular Nutritionists (SCAN) Regional Sports Nutrition Workshop
1994 SCAN Annual Symposium Wellness at the Crossroads
“Keeping Current: Innovations in Worksite Nutrition Programs”
1994 Metropolitan Athletic Congress “Think Fluids”
1994 Lafayette College NCAA Athletic Workshop
1994 Greater New York American College of Sports Medicine Sports Nutrition Workshop – Case Studies
1994 Tri-State Camping Conference “Turning the Mess Hall Table into a Training Table”
1993 Sports Medicine Conference Mid Hudson Consortium “Nutritional Aspects of Sports Medicine”
1993 ECAC Spring Conference “Nutrition Fundamentals for Performance”
1993 Mississippi Dietetic Association “Sports Nutrition Update”
1992 Empire State Games – New York State Athletic Trainer’s Association “Nutrition Fundamentals for Performance”
1992 Athletic Trainer’s Society of New Jersey “Nutrition, Weight Control and Body Composition”
1992 SCAN Annual Symposium “Winning Strategies on Sports Nutrition” Roundtable leader
1992 USA Coaches Clinic Football, Myrtle Beach “Nutrition Fundamentals for Performance”
1992 Slippery Rock University “Benefits of Proper Nutrition on Physical Performance”
1992 New York Cycle Club “No More Fat Tires”
1991 Edgemont High School “Nutrition Considerations for Wrestlers”
1991 Downtown Athletic Club “Performance Foods and Drinks”
1991 Sports Medicine Update for the HS Football Coach “Nutrition Fundamentals for Performance”
1991 USA Coaches Clinic “Nutrition Fundamentals for Performance”
1991 Westchester Dietetic Association “Nutrition, Stress and Exercise”
1991 3rd Annual Meadowlands Sports Care Symposium “Nutritional Considerations for the Athlete”
1988 Empire State Games “Sports Nutrition Seminar”
1988 Westchester Dietetic Association Breakfast for the Legislators “Nutrition Legislation”
1988 Westchester County Medical Center “National Nutrition Month”
1987 2nd Annual Westchester County/Citibank Women’s Health Conference “The Magic Cure”
1986 1st Annual Westchester County/Citibank Women’s Health Conference “Nutritional Needs of Women”
American Cancer Society “Taking Control”
American Lung Association
Older Women’s League of Westchester “Nutrition and Exercise”
American Diabetes Association/New York Downstate Affiliate “Diabetes
Basics: Focus on Nutrition”
Scarsdale Elementary Schools “You Are What You Eat”













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