Weight Management

If you’re tired of trying nutrition strategies that don’t work, want real sustainable results, plus the guidance and support of a Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, and Medical/Sports Nutritionist dedicated to your success, please contact Dr. Dolins for a Consultation:

Why is weight management so difficult?
Because it takes more than telling someone what they should or shouldn’t eat. Successful weight management means changing the relationship one has with food. It means embarking on a journey where the destination is a way of eating that allows food to be enjoyed and not obsessed over.

We’ve all heard that “diets don’t work.” I agree. Going on a diet is like asking Cinderella’s stepsister to put her foot in the tiny glass slipper. It means giving up one’s favorite foods and perhaps accepting that there are times when one will feel hungry.

Successful weight management means balancing what we eat with the amount of activity we perform. It should be accomplished in a way that enhances health by promoting healthful eating habits. Rather than enjoying food less, success comes from enjoying food more fully and recognizing when one is satisfied. Success requires:

  • Motivation
  • DevelopingSkills
  • Patience and Perseverance

I coach people through this process while providing the most up-to-date science-based nutrition advice. I teach them to eat mindfully and to recognize satisfaction. I help them learn from their mistakes rather than see them as obstacles that can’t be overcome. And I guide them as they develop exercise habits for fitness. If you’re ready to stop restrictive dieting and learn how to enjoy eating while achieving energy balance, give Dr. Dolins a call.


From lifelong issues with weight to situation-induced challenges (pregnancy, stress, long working hours) there is no shortage of reasons why maintaining a healthy weight is one of the hardest things for many people to accomplish. At its most basic, weight is determined by calories in and calories out, but reducing a complex process to a mathematical equation isn’t always realistic. If there was such an easy answer there wouldn’t be a weight epidemic in the United States where more than one in three adults is overweight.

The dieting process is thought to have a 95% failure rate, yet many people continue to try fad diet after fad diet in search of the Holy Grail. If you are ready to ignore the empty promises of one-size-fits-all diets and are ready to focus on achieving real results then Dr. Dolins can help you.


How much you weigh does not constitute who you are, yet teens today live in an increasingly image-conscious society where they are confronted with the weight issue every day. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions with children and teens in the United States. Meanwhile, role models in the media have never been thinner. Anorexia is celebrated as being the “way to look” in television, music videos, movies, advertisements, and fashion.

It is not surprising that teens are confused, which often leads them to suffer from an energy imbalance. They may underestimate the number of calories their body uses and needs in a day, causing them to under-eat. Or, they may underestimate the number of calories in the foods they eat, causing them to overeat. Teens also struggle with hectic schedules and body clocks that may not allow them to wake up early enough to consume nutritionally balanced fuel before they begin their day.

Dr. Dolins helps teens by teaching them as well as their parents or caregivers about nutrition in addition to providing the strategies needed to eat well. Together with each teen client Dr. Dolins explores nutrition myths, develops individual goals, and creates a positive relationship with food that will benefit them through life.