Weight Management for Kids, Teens, and Adults
Successful weight management means balancing what we eat with the amount of fuel our body uses. Learn how to manage weight while enjoying food, control emotional eating, enjoy social situations without guilt, and develop simple strategies to keep active.

Sports Nutrition for Individuals, Teams, and Athletic Departments/Coaching Staff
Separate the myth from the facts. Learn the most up-to-date nutrition strategies for increasing endurance, speed, and strength while reducing your risk of injury.

Health and Wellness
Practice prevention or manage health conditions…Dr. Dolins makes it easy! She has 25 years of experience helping individuals prevent or treat diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and other conditions. For some, nutrition and exercise can remove the need for medication.

Corporate Wellness
Nutrition and physical activity are the cornerstones of an effective program and reduced health care costs. Dr. Dolins’ success at improving health through behavior change is the result of combining the most up-do-date, science-based information with skills honed over 25 years of experience. The result is employees who are able to make the necessary changes that will lead to long-term improvements in health and well-being.

Seminars, lectures and workshops are informational, motivational, and include practical advice tailored to any audience. Schools, professional organizations, fitness centers, and athletic teams have all benefited from Dr. Dolins’ expertise and clear explanations.

Nutrition & Fitness Writing
Dr. Dolins’ perspective on nutrition and understanding of the research allows her to communicate effectively in the print media. She will write for your publication or provide interviews for your own journalists.

On-Line Services
On-site sessions not practical? Dr. Dolins can work with you on-line and on the phone.