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Dr. Dolins has a strong background in medical nutrition therapy spanning 25 years. She began her career at Westchester Medical Center, and soon moved into private practice. She works closely with endocrinologists, cardiologist, OB-Gyns, and internal medicine practitioners providing nutrition counseling and education to their patients for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic conditions.

Nutrition For The College Student

The Issues
Teens must make many adaptations when going away to college. Nutritional needs may get lost among the struggle to get up for class on time, do laundry, navigate the campus and other essentials.

Teens leave an environment where food was provided for them and enter an environment where they must shop and plan their own meals.

Dining halls provide a wide variety of foods, many of which are high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories, but don’t provide nutrition labeling to help students identify these foods.

Students are time pressed and may skip meals, leaving them overly hungry at the end of the day.

Late night studying often leads to overeating due to hunger and/or stress.

Teens may have a tendency to overly restrict food intake in an attempt to manage weight, which can develop into an unhealthy relationship with food.

The development of eating disorders often occurs around the time a teen goes off to college.

The Solutions

The college student benefits from being made aware that food provides fuel for the brain as well as muscles.

The college student benefits from learning healthy nutrition guidelines including how to achieve and maintain energy balance.

The college student benefits from learning how to navigate the dining hall and other college eateries as well as the grocery store.

The college student benefits from practicing effective time-management which includes making time for meals and snacks.

The college student benefits from understanding how to stock their dorm room and backpacks with healthy foods.

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